Chase my tail on a tooth and nail
56K modem aggravated captivation
In the real time-line it's a mad canine
Scratching at fleas germicidal release
Name of the game state your domain
Music is good but unplayable
Sing the song as a clean vagabond
Eyes open wide now we're justified

I'm not feeling up to it
Why did he sign on the line
This contract is killing me
Adieu to you
Adieu to you
Ba ba ba da
Do do do do do do adieu

Vend ability strike three need a referee
Ring it up ring it up on the line you sign
Pack it in no gap like a rat house trap
With the best of cheese sedentary disease
Artificialize then deodorize
Poet laureates write upon labels
Van Gogh maestro plays a piano
Fingers on the keys sing Socrates


Strange new stratosphere
Wrapped up like a mummy


Peter Pan people fly in make believe
Push button junkie says time is money
Carry's a valise thinks he's Hercules

Adieu to you (I'm not feeling up to it)
Adieu to you
Adieu to you (I'm not feeling up to it)
Adieu to you


2010 Daniel Berg

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